She sat staring at her hands
folded and fidgety in her lap.
She doubted any other there
would understand her sadness
no one else would hear
the sound of her heart breaking.
It was not to deny them the right
to remember their past
but to help her friend
find a better possible future.
Looking like them
being their friend
fearful of the coming end
the end of love 
that would no longer attend
she sat in silent fidgety-ness.

Why must we fight against the good
of others in the neighborhood
or even in the ‘hood across the way?
It’s hard to stand
if we sit on our hands
but stand we must or our life will be wasted
on our own good pleasure
some of it wasted 
on our own questionable past.
Fear not the suffering of history
for the past is made of moments now gone.
Fear more the suffering yet to come
if we sit in silence hoping only for our good pleasure.
Fear more the coming days
if we fail to hear the heartbreak
of our neighbors who could be our friends.

Can we see her now
this little one who loves so deeply
climbing a hill pitched so steeply?
Who hurts so intensely for her friend
one not like her yet in spirit her twin?
Do we yet hear the breaking 
of so young a heart?
A soul not grown
yet being torn apart.
Help us Jesus. Help us.

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